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LUMITRAK is a light fixture retrieval system designed to be accessed from the shoulder away from the traveled roadway With the application of LUMITRAK, you will immediately benefit from faster maintenance handling and improved safety conditions.


1. ) Simply raise a worker to the retrieval platform.

2.) Disconnect the quick-connect umbilical power cord.

3.) Engage the pully system with the standard hand crank or optional power model.

4.) Each fixture makes its way down the integral track system for required maintenance handling.


LUMITRAK is supporting the safety of highway maintenance workers in states across the country. Our advanced technology can adapt to fit nearly any roadway fixture in any state.

We have installations in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Washington, DC, Washington State, and Indiana


  • LUMITRAK System Features
  • Traditional Maintenance Problems Are Eliminated

  • - Weather resistant design and materials
  • - Application of approved luminaries for new installations
  • - Application of existing luminaries for retrofits (consult factory)
  • - Advance luminaries via a typical drill or by an onboard automated drive
  • - Custom applications available

    • - Lane closures and related safety risks
    • - Annual maintenance contract renewals and related costs
    • - Unproductive maintenance preparation hours

      What Our CLients Say


      Founded in 1994, LUMITRAK, INC designed and patented the only overhead light retrieval system available in the USA. George Townsend, founder and president of LUMITRAK, INC saw the need for a system to economically repair and replace lights on our nation’s highways without jeopardizing the safety of both the worker and the commuter. The LUMITRAK light retrieval system was born and now installed in over 14 states in the nation.

      We have been meeting the needs of many State Departments of Transportation for lighting the roadways you travel.